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Decisions Decisions…


Here’s some Hibi that I photographed who knows when.

Have you ever had that gut feeling that it’s time to do something that you’ve never done before? To take on a new challenge, and so get to know  yourself in a new situation.

Well, that’s me now. As time passes, I find that crucial life events happen ever more frequently and intensely. Life becomes more eventful, for sure, just when I was sure it was already full…

After 16 years in London, for the first time I miss the summer, the land, the sea where I come from. I long for warm summer nights spent outside, laughing with my friends, speaking the language of my childhood. I love the English language, for so many reasons. English opened an infinity of doors for me: to jobs, for sure, but most importantly, to discovering the cultural nuances of Londoners, who may come from all corners of the world. How amazing to have experienced the deepest connections with humans from all over, from Crouch End to Malaysia, via Hungary, Loughborough and South Africa!


The English Channel from the top of West Hill, Hastings… to be crossed again soon!

Still, I am well ready for a few laughs with my mates in my native tongue, and spending quality time with my family. I could get a flight as usual and be there in a few hours, but  I am in a good position to take some time off and enjoy the journey. So this morning I had an illumination:


Luckily, I happen to know someone who had a similar idea and carried it through to the end. Misa travelled from London to Prague, and wrote a blog about her journey, which was inspiring to read:

I am looking to set off around the 16th of August.




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Thanks  and Enjoy!!!

Opening night behind us…

The Knight of the Sorrowful Figure opened today at the Blue Elephant Theatre

windmills crackup1 day1

Once again, i have laughed and laughed…. and experienced a good challenge drawing live on stage…. it’s basic, there’s for sure lots of room for improvement, but this simple chalk drawing of a typical La Mancha landscape is successful and efective as a complement to the play, a very loose adaptation of the adventures of Don Quijote de la Mancha, brought to you by Little Soldier Productions

Tomorrow I will be painting again, and I am looking to experiment with chalk techniques…. very excited about this, and about the entire project altogether…. what a joy to work with such talented people. The atmosphere with this crew is so joyful and playful…. even after 10 solid hours of rehearsals….

If you are in London, make sure you get your ticket for this show. You won’t regret it!

The Knight of the Sorrowful figure

Image by Alex Brenn

Image by Alex Brenn

So once again I am delighted to collaborate with Little Soldier Productions and the Blue Elephant Theatre London, creating some new artwork for their latest production, The Knight of the Sorrowful Figure. Loosely based on the adventures of Don Quijote de la Mancha, this show is playful, vibrant, exciting and uncompromising, a delightful celebration of  Cervantes’ masterpiece. I have attended a couple of rehearsals and I have been laughing my head off. The physical comedy I’ve witnessed is some of the best I’ve seen in my life.

rehearsals of Knight of the Sorrowful Figure

rehearsals of Knight of the Sorrowful Figure

I am over the moon that I have been offered the opportunity to join the celebration with some live painting on set. I will be creating new visuals every day for the show while the performance runs, from tomorrow (21st of may) until Saturday the 25th.

For directions, to book tickets and for more information, visit


Hope to see you there!!!




An amazing community initiative

My friend Anna Maltz has lent her expertise to this project, that I would like to share with you. Have a look at the video, and get yourselves some PUKKA KNITWEAR!!!! Thanks

Urban Dialogues Events rolling…

Here’s where we will be.

The 3 Faiths Forum is a Charity organisation that builds understanding and lasting relationships between people of all faiths and beliefs.

We run education, engagement and action programmes that bring diverse communities together. Our main focus is in the UK, but we also work internationally to create new models for intercultural cooperation, particularly in the EU, USA and Middle East.

Their work is profoundly moving and creating real change. I can’t recommend it enough. for more information, visit

Spirituality in Motion

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Opening Night!

What an amazing project, what an amazing experience! Do come and join us if you can.

Spirituality in Motion


 After a lot of hard work and some unpredictable accidents, The exhibition is up and running. Some wonderful events coming up, and some of the most amazing people we’ve had the pleasure to work and share this experience with! Thanks to All!!!

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Vibrational Frequencies

I went to see David Icke speak yesterday. It was a profound experience, that brought many questions … But most of all, it’s opened the door to my soul and the reality of who I really am just a little bit more.

Icke says all that exists is just waves, and that our brain decodes some of these waves (the tiny amount it can perceive, the light spectrum) and we translate them into what we experience with our 5 senses. The light spectrum is just 0.005% of what there is.

The world is an amazing place even at this very restricted level of view…. And everything resonates, everything produces waves…. So here’s this video I received from, with some very mysterious Music of the Spheres. Enjoy!

Surreal Eye, Oil On Canvas

Surreal Eye, Oil On Canvas.

Fellow Blogger, taniajessicasmith, makes some great photos, but also paints….I find this quite mesmerising: it’s beautiful in its own way, and also a bit freaky in its own way. So thought I’d share it with you all. Enjoy!

This is a beautiful expression of the truth of human beings…..and just as i was thinking of denial….this guy sees some beings are trying to do, and he takes some positive action. Im in!