Opening night behind us…

by rocamoreart

The Knight of the Sorrowful Figure opened today at the Blue Elephant Theatre

windmills crackup1 day1

Once again, i have laughed and laughed…. and experienced a good challenge drawing live on stage…. it’s basic, there’s for sure lots of room for improvement, but this simple chalk drawing of a typical La Mancha landscape is successful and efective as a complement to the play, a very loose adaptation of the adventures of Don Quijote de la Mancha, brought to you by Little Soldier Productions

Tomorrow I will be painting again, and I am looking to experiment with chalk techniques…. very excited about this, and about the entire project altogether…. what a joy to work with such talented people. The atmosphere with this crew is so joyful and playful…. even after 10 solid hours of rehearsals….

If you are in London, make sure you get your ticket for this show. You won’t regret it!